ask me anything im bored

i’m baaaaack >;D

at lunch,bored as hell

in afterschool tutoring,teacher is a bicth

that is the shit i get on a daily basis…

that is the shit i get on a daily basis…

merry mother fucking christmas to you to tumblr people,humbug up the ass wwwyki

in class at school…on my phone…somewhone call me(911)jk all the way

shut up jordan brett can hear u!!!hes writing a book?!?!crazy stuff

thats the shit broski

thats the shit broski

lol in fricken choir at school,got an ostrich in my butt…

on the damn bus…its not fun

i feel like shooting a gun,a really big gun

i want to be asked absolutely any question.completely random.ask doesnt matter… :(

friend:can i copy your homework?

me:we had homework?

lol,all the freakin way

omg,one of my friend just shaved half of her head!lol